Genetics Society Autumn Meeting:
At the cutting edge of molecular biology: 25 years of Genes and Development
The Royal Society, London
Thursday 8 – Friday 9 November 2012
There have been exciting advances in molecular analyses of genetic and epigenetic regulation of key cellular processes.  This meeting will focus on issues such as chromatin, epigenetics and gene regulation, replication, checkpoints and DNA repair, RNA function and control as they apply to processes of development, stem cells and diseases such as cancer.
This meeting is sponsored by the Genetics Society and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the journal Genes and Development of which the Genetics Society has been a founding participant. The speakers are all distinguished leaders in their respective fields and will present and discuss recent and exciting research developments.
For Postgraduate students: the best tenner you will ever spend!
For just £10 annually, you can join the Genetics Society, and can immediately apply for a travel grant to attend this and other Genetics Society meetings.  We look forward to you joining the membership and seeing you at the meeting!
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